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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 23, 2014 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> a back stage shooting in a south bay concert leaves a man dead. tonight, family and friends tell abc 7 news this victim was this man, music producer, eric johnson. >> i did not just lose like my -- a person that was helping me deal with my career. i lost a friend. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. the shooting, just before the end of the concert is raising questions tonight about back stage security at shoreline theater.
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the police are searching for the gunman. here is what we are learning about the investigation and the man who was killed. >> people at last night's concert say a series of shots went off as the performance was rapping up. eric johnson was the victim, police say it unfolded back stage. >> so generally there's a lot of security in backstage at concerts, we are not sure how the firearm got to the backstage area much. >> investigators held witnesses for hours, but the gunman somehow escaped. >> that particular venue, how is security handled? >> that is a great question, that specifically should be directed toward the live nation folks. we do not handle security. >> despite repeated requests for an on camera interview, everyone from the theater and live nation declined. instead, a spokes person said they are working closely with the mountain view police department on the investigation. and refused to give my details
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about security back stablg. >> friends and family are shocked that he was the victim. especially after reports that he may have been arguing with the gunman. >> he not the arguing type. real smooth dude. >> he is an oakland based musician that was working with the company. i'm really like shook up about this. i didn't just lose like me person who was helping me just deal with my career, i lost a friend. >> the concert in san diego was cancelled today. he tweeted a brief statement about the shoreline shooting, this was a senseless tragedy, violence is never the answer. my prayers go out to the victims family. right now, investigators are looking for pictures or video of the gunman and anyone that was with them. >> a children's musician, a man
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accidentally hit the gas pedal, he took out part of the interior war, one tire was spinning, and everyone got out safely and the driver was not hurt. a water main break in richmond left 30 homes without water. a six inch main broke at 1:35 this afternoon. all that water caused the pavement to buckle, creating a sinkhole. water service was shut off to customers and it is still off tonight. no word yet on what caused the pipe to crack or when the water will be turned back on. >> more protests in ferguson missouri today where the local naacp held a rally calling for justice for michael brown. a nearby st. louis, there was another protest, unlike most of the ones we have seen so far. the crowd gathered in support of police officer darren wilson. the man who shot and killed the unarmed teenager. they claim the shooting was justified, however, it is still
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under investigation by the department of justice. president obama is ordering a review of federal programs that allow local law enforcement agencies to buy equipment. that is after criticism is of the military equipment that was brought out in ferguson, in response to the protests there. and president obama heads back to washington from his vacation tomorrow. he will have to decide soon, whether to expand u.s. air strikes against issis rebels in syria and iraq. as we report, it's not an easy decision. the group may have brutally executed a reporter, but the group has other american hostages as well. >> u.s. war planes continue to bombard the issis positions inside iraq. this despite the 33 -- the
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threats to execute another american. on tuesday, issis released a shocking video, showing the beheading of american journalist james foley. that prompted an escalation of warnings about the group. >> this has a strategic vision, that will have to be doe fe-- h be defeated. >> this is beyond anything we have seen, so we must prepare for everything. >> that could include domestic terrorism, so-called lone wolves, including radicals that have gone to fight along side them in iraq and syria. >> there's a pool of people that identify with these foreign fighters and that could be dangerous. they could come out of nowhere. >> meanwhile, concern has spiked for the other u.s. captives. in an interview, james foley's siblings released the last
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e-mail that they were sent before issis killed their brother. today, our swords are unsheathed towards you, government and people alike, we will not stop until we quench our thirst for your blood. >> i don't understand where that type of hate comes from. >> president obama is considering air strikes on issis positions inside syria, one of the ambassadors said we will not be restricted by borders. >> the situation in iraq is tense, 30 people were killed in a series of bombings today. bombs went off in a shopping district. 19 people died and more than 100 more were hurt. today, egypt proposed an open ended cease fire between israel and thhamas, in an air
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strike, it hit an apartment building in downtown gaza city, israel said that there was a hamas center inside the tower. indirect peace talks fell apar s s -- apart tuesday. remembering robin williams, the tribute to the actor and legend this weekend and how you can participate. and a parade of pink. the specific group of breast cancer patients that benefit from today's big fundraiser in oakland and how this pop up playground is providing kids with more than just a good time. and we are closing the books on a day across the bay area, and i'm tracking warmer temperatures in to the
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actor and comedian robin williams was honored today. two of williams' movies were shown this afternoon. after the movies, fans said they will miss his ability to make them laugh. >> he touched everyone. especially here in san francisco. but, just all the roles he played are so iconic. and it's a wonderful part of our culture. >> it's personal, i come down here and some people throw flowers on the bay, because that is where his ashes were scattered. whatever is personal. he hit everyone in a personal way. >> the theater's owner said the that williams had an imprint on the san francisco film community. >> people from across the bay area, joined together for the tenth annual friends of faith. the 5 k walk and run was
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inspired by a -- friends are have organized the fundraiser to help uninsured women and men fighting breast cancer, some that took a part, a breast cancer survivor. >> i go to see my doctors and try to do what they want me to do. i try to stay active, i feel blessed. i have buried a lot of people with breast cancer and why i'm still here is up to god. >> this year's event featured rock and roll. families in san francisco came out as part of an effort in support of fun. the nonprofit kaboom and disney a are holding the play together tour. looks like they had a ball. a very big beach ball. the pop up play attractions to
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inspire meaningful connections. organizers say it's about balance. >> they are maybe getting too much screen time, but not running and skipping and jumping outside. so, that is why we think, balance is so important. a because different types of play, reap different benefits. it was born out of the fact that research was done by kaboom and disney that shows the positive impact that it has on kids and families. they are better citizens in their communities which strengthens the community. >> your family can join in on the fun, from 10:00 to 4:00 p.m. coming up next, planning a drive to the sierra, the spot where tesla is building a new super charging station. and a live look outside, another summer day coming to a close, meteorologist drew is up next with the forecast for the rest of the weekend and beyond. >> well, the giants three-game win streak came to a halt in d.c., while the a's and angels
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battle for the best record in
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tesla motors is building super charging stations for the electric cars, this week the company confirmed a deal with a local utility company. super charging stations can charge a model's battery half way in 20 minutes. tesla announced that it started work in a site near reno where it could build a battery factory. time to get a look at the weekend weather. drew is here with the latest. hi, drew. >> we start off looking great, a lot of sunshine, and in the 70s
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on the coast. and tracking warmer temperatures, still, live on doppler 7 hd, we notice the scan on the saturday night is all by quiet. we take you outside and show you the current temperatures across the bay area. san francisco right now, currently at 61, and 66 in mountain view, 67 in los gatos, and 63 in fremont and 64 in concord. live look at the rooftop camera will show you the skyline of san francisco, we had clear skies more much of the day and that has given way to overcast skies. our forecast features, we will see the coastal clouds. overnight build back, and the crowd could give way to spotty morning drizzle. the mid week warm up is being tracked. there's a chance of the early morning drizzle. nothing widespread and by the mid morning hours, the clouds will turn away and turn to sunny
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skies and warm temperatures will prevail. i want to show you the tropical satellite, we have a active picture. not one, two, but three storms. it's churning up the pacific waters and it's giving us a swell along the beaches. if you are going to the beach tomorrow, note that higher advantage rip current risk is there and also a swell along the beaches. be wear if -- be aware if you are going in the ocean. 59 for concord and antioch around 62. high tomorrow, very similar to where we are today. 80 in san jose, 82 for cooper tino, and menlo park, 79, san francisco, topping out at 69 degrees, 66 sunset district. further north, you see the spread, like summer time temperature. 81 in sonoma, and under sunny
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skies, our east bay location, low to mid 70s. 73 for san leandro, and inland, it's warm. 87 livermore, and 89 for brentwood. if you are going to levi stadium tomorrow, 49ers taking on the chargers. another warm day, we will have sunny skies, 75 for kick off at 1:00 and by 4:00, temperatures will be very warm in the upper 70s to near 80. here is your seven-day forecast, and today, mid 80s mid 60s along the coast and then temperatures start to rise. by tuesday, we are in the 90s and mid 60s in the coast. the coast, will be 70s and warm, and our inland locations will top out. 92 on wednesday, 92 on thursday. and then we will talk about a relative cool off for friday and saturday, it will drop to 90. okay? >> all right. sounds good. >> thank you. >> all right, let's go to shoe
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is back, he has sports and baseball. >> i go away for a week, we have new chairs, a new meteorologist. you are moving to weekdays, something i said? okay. congratulations and welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> it was a playoff atmosphere with the a's and angels battling for the best in the west. lester and wilson staging a pitcher's duel, fuld, base hit. gomes scores. and lester, a allowed five hits, struck out 7. including mike trout three times in the game. a's looking for more in the sixth. donaldson takes off running, and rounding third. we have a play at the plate. donaldson called out, they go to review and looks like he touched the play before he was tagged, however not enough evidence, call stands. angels tied it in the 7th and in the 8th, joe smith.
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throws it away. coco crisp on third, and two outs. they go on 2-1 and now tied with the angels atop the american league west. our rain delay did not effect the young giants fan. off to a good start. second batter of the game. zimmerman, hangs it high for pence. crushes the two-run shot. giants. looking for the 100th career victory. and 3-2 nats. next batter, pablo, air mails a throw in to the seats. and scoring on the error all three runs came with two outs and then in the third. cabrera takes it deep to left center. lincecum, 2-2/3 innings. giants fall 6-2, they are now 4-1/2 behind the dodgers. little league world series. u.s. championship between nevada and illinois, trailed to the two-run homer in the fifth by brad stone. nevada up 5-4. illinois answers with three runs
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in their half of the inning. chopper under the glove, and makes it 7-5 chicago. they end the game. grounding it in to a game ending double play. and illinois, goes to the championship game tomorrow with a 7-5 victory. where they will play south korea who took care of japan in the national final. they scored in the 5th sixth. and a two-run blast, went 12-3. and they will face illinois in the championship on sunday. >> well the raiders put up a good fight against the packers, losing 31-21. but their offense needs work. maurice jones drew showed that he has game. tied the game at 7, it's the passing game that concerns me. quarterback matt schaub shas struggled. which is understood, with a new team and offense, and getting a feel for his receivers.
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hopefully this is cleared up by the regular season. time is running out. >> we have got to improve ourselves in the passing game. all right, that was a full time team effort. all right, that is not about one individual. we have to improve ourselves in the passing game. we have to make the plays when we get opportunities. you can never be satisfied with your performance. good or bad, you have to go back to the grind stone and go back to work. and that is what we will do. >> fedex cup playoffs under way. this is yesterday, phil mickelson on five, from the grandsta grandstands, he finds the bunker. again on the grandstands, he must have a sponsor commitment. four over on the day, misses the 54 hole cut. two way lead, jim furyk. birdie on 13. he is 9 under, along with jason day. a double bogey on 13 and three bogeys on the final four holes. including those on 16. he is at 9 under. nascar's chase for the cup in bristol, the world's fastest half mile.
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hamlin in the lead until he is bumped by harvick. hamlin spins and hits dale earnhardt, jr. he decides he will give harvick the safety device. joey logano, led 76 of the 500 laps and takes the checkered flag. a preview of the niners/chargers match up tomorrow. and hopefully the new field of dreams will not be a nightmare. >> thank you. >> well, next on abc 7 news at nine. a super size
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coming up tonight, a as students move in to college campuses law enforcement is on
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alert. trying to prevent a repeat of last year. what they are looking for. first a woman downs a poisoned tea and a child drinks a poisoned shake. and what the 49ers are saying. well a different nfl field, lambeau field is super sizing the sausage. the green bay packers claim they are selling the largest sausage at any stadium in the entire nation, it's called the horse collar after the illegal football tackle. the 22 inch sausage is topped with wisconsin cheese and it's made for 2 and sells for $20. >> that is massive. thank you for joining us. we will see you at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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